The WhatsAd System is a 21st century communications platform designed by Liquidata to empower elite property agents. At Liquidata we are inspired by the Toyota philosophy of Kaizen, the philosophy of better business, better life, through higher efficiency of processes and perpetual improvement. It is through this belief in enabling elite property agents through Kaizen that we developed WhatsAd.

At Liquidata, we know today’s elite property agents are highly intelligent, multi-tasking people, who have to cooperate with one another while constantly on-the-move. The WhatsAd System strives to provide a high mobility user-friendly platform whereupon agents will be able to continually be updated and informed as to the latest and hottest deals pertinent to them.

Through Kaizen, we also strive unceasingly to improve the System, innovating new tools and streamlining controls so as to bring continuously increasing value to our users. Continuous improvement with efficient processes, for better business, and a better life. Cheers!